Terms & Conditions for the RAF Program

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RAF Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of referral reward program:

mVerx Broadcast Design Academy  agrees to reward  to any person able to prove they are directly responsible for the enrolment of a full fee paying student on our 2 Year Advanced Diploma in Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design.

The referral reward is payable once only and is only payable within 30 days after full Registration + DOJ amount (Rs 5000 + Rs27248 = Rs 32248) for Advanced Diploma in Motion Graphics and broadcast design course have been received by mVerx - Broadcast Design Academy  . In order to claim the Reward, both the student on the course and the referring party must agree that the referral took place. Evidence must be presented to confirm this in the form of dated e-mail, Facebook or other social media communication showing the process or evidence of referral.

mVerx Broadcast Design Academy will only pay a referral fee to those who refer someone who is eligible for the Advanced Diploma in Motion Graphics and broadcast design.  To be accepted onto the course the applicant must be either 12th Class Passout or under graduate and is subject to an interview with the mVerx Broadcast Design Academy Course Director before acceptance on the course. The applicant is not guaranteeing a pass on completion of the course.  As a student(s) he will be assessed throughout the course by mVerx Broadcast Design Academy. Any referrals not abiding by the terms and conditions will be invalid.

mVerx Broadcast Design Academy will not pay more than one (1) referral fee on any given completed transaction. mVerx Broadcast Design Academy shall have no further referral fee payment obligations if the client cancels the course before full payment for the course has been made.

In the event that more than one party claims a referral fee, the fee shall be paid once only to the party able to prove the most recent referral and in consultation with the client. The referral reward represents the full and only compensation available to the referring party in connection with each course paid for in full by a client.

The referring party takes all responsibility for payment and declaration of all taxes to which the referral fee is subject. The referring party agrees that mVerx Broadcast Design Academy is not liable for payment of any taxes or associated charge imposed by any government on the referral fee.

No rights or licenses are granted to any referring party and no right is given to use the mVerx Broadcast Design Academy logo, right to make statements, representations, or guarantees to any potential client regarding Broadcast Design Academy.

The referring party agrees that mVerx Broadcast Design Academy may modify or remove this agreement at any time by posting a revised version at www.tvgraphics.in/terms

It is understood by both parties that no contractual relationship is formed during the term of this agreement. In all matters relating to this agreement, either party or will act as employees or employers of the other party.

The referral fee cannot be used in conjunction with any other competition or offer.