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India's First Academy on Advanced Broadcast Graphics

invites you to participate in its promotion campaign and will reward you when you contribute.

You can win a Blackberry or may be even an Apple iPad

All you have to do is take 2 steps

Watch the Video and fill & submit the form below.

You can fill multiple times. Just make sure there is no duplicate entry of the data

More the entries, higher the chance to win.

Step 1
Watch this video

Showreel - TV Broadcast Graphics

And that is not all, if any of your friends, relatives or neighbours enrol into this course, we will surely reward you with a Blackberry. If you get 2 admissions, we will reward you with an Apple iPad...

Step 2
Fill & Submit this form as per information required
(Make sure the data is unique everytime you fill a new form)

10+2 Students Data Form

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