Announcing Certificate Program in Advanced Broadcast Graphics - First time in India

Television is a promising and a growing industry. In India, there are more than 480 active TV Channels and almost 250 new channels are expected to be launched in next 2 years.  Demand for professionally trained TV Graphic Artists is soaring.


If you are a creative rebel ready to flex your creative muscle in this highly unconventional, innovative and one-of-a-kind course, then join us in a most enhanced program on Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design which will train you to create motion media for Broadcast, Advertising, Film, Infotainment, Audio Visual Performances & Presentations.


A brand new career opportunity...

Graphics now play a major role in all genre of TV Channels, much more than ever before.


There are many institutes which offer multimedia courses today but none of them provide training specialised for broadcast graphics.


mVerx is now offering a course, designed specifically for TV Broadcast Graphics complying with industry requirements. A step-by-step evolution of a designer from pencil to on-air graphics. Trained by Industry professionals who have a knack for finding the right talent, groom and polish them as the industry wants. Backed by on-the-job-training and subsequent placements.

A career option unexplored till now, with a promising future...

Why Study Broadcast Graphics?

Broadcast graphics is a specialized area of television production that requires equally specialized training. If you think you have what it takes to handle the titling, lettering and intricate graphic depictions used in professional film and television productions, a program in advanced broadcast graphics is THE educational opportunity for you.

For broadcast graphics in particular, employers are searching for knowledgeable individuals with an educational background that offers advanced skill sets and a comprehensive understanding of the process. With the right course and a little experience, you’ll have all you need to find a position in this highly technical and very creative field.


Today’s sophisticated viewing audiences are creating a demand for specialists in motion graphics who are able to generate captivating content – channel identities, trailers, advertisements, logos, title sequences and other forms of visual branding – that engage both the mind and the emotions.

This unique program, highly in demand by the media and broadcasting industry, will equip you with the creativity, skills, expertise and knowledge to contribute to a growing market. You will look at the entire motion graphics process, learning traditional crafts like storytelling and image making, alongside the latest digital tools and techniques.

You will study how to integrate graphics, live footage and sound to enhance film television, advertising and other productions. You can expect to gain extensive experience through project work that reflects current broadcast styles and demonstrates your creative and professional skills – from concepts to creation.

It really is an awesome career. You get to work with a variety of creative people, and work on all kinds of interesting projects. It’s pretty hard to get bored because each project requires its own unique creative solutions. The one thing that’s necessary if you want to be a Motion Designer is the desire to constantly push the creative envelope by creating new and innovative visual imagery. You have to really like challenging yourself to experiment and explore new ways of communicating a concept. You’ll assume variety of roles, from a graphic designer, to a storyboard artist, to an animator, to an editor, to an art director, and having fun doing it all.

Motion Design exists anywhere there is a screen. Incorporating video, motion, text and sound, the screen's ubiquitous presence has become society’s preferred method of communication. By its very definition Motion Design is media in motion through the integration of a variety of animation and film techniques incl. traditional animation, digital animation, video and film combined within a single work.

There are so many people who want to be a part of the entertainment industry in any capacity, which means competition for positions is always fierce. The one factor that can help you get your foot in the door is quality education from an academy which can train you through it, professionally. - Beta version
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