Did you have a look at the video on the previous page?

What is shown in the video are called Broadcast Graphics or TV Graphics - that you watch every day on your TV Sets - across News, Sports, Business and Entertainment channels...

Have you ever wondered how are they created?

Broadcast Graphics is a highly specialized field and they are made on sophisticated Graphics Systems - VizRT being a leader in that segment.

Getting to work on them requires equally specialized training...which was not available in India until now.

mVerx - Official Training Partners of VizRT in India announce the launch of an Advanced Diploma in Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design - for the First time in India.

This course will produce a VERY EMPLOYABLE media professional by training him/her on design skills spanning from pencil-n-paper to high-end On-Air Graphics. This is an awesome career with excellent growth prospects in India and across the globe.

Anybody who has cleared 10+2 or is pursuing graduation is eligible to join this Diploma Program. Of course, the candidate should have inclination towards design and creativity.

Do visit www.tvgraphics.in today where you will find all relevant information and answers to almost all your queries.

Now what next?

If you are interested in knowing more about the course for yourself, you can Download an Information Brochure from here

If you wish to propose this course to somebody dear to you please read on…

mVerx - India's First Academy on Advanced Broadcast Graphics invites you to participate in its promotion campaign and promises to reward you when you contribute

You can win a Blackberry or may be even an Apple iPad

After you have watched the video, there is a form that you have to fill and submit. This form will help us know about the student who you wish to propose this course.

We will follow-up with this candidate and detail him or her about the course.

You can put as many entries as you want. Just make sure there are is no duplicate data

Please click this link, watch the video (if you still have not) and then submit the form as per details required.


If any of your friends, relatives or neighbours enrol into this course, you can walk away with a Blackberry.

If you get 2 admissions, we will reward you with an Apple iPad.

So, What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and just do it!

This is a lifetime career opportunity. Don't miss it…for yourself or somebody dear to you!

Should you need further details, feel free to call or mail us.

Warm regards,

Team mVerx     Email : info@tvgraphics.com       Call : +91-8800770099

Important : Don’t forget the sequence - Click the link, watch the video and THEN submit the form. If you don’t follow this sequence, your entry may not count at all.